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Circular Solutions Lab

We exist to educate and empower the next generation of circular economy leaders

Our Programs

Circular Economy Business Development Program 

This program partners sustainability Master's students with emerging sustainability themed start-ups, to develop circular economy strategies and implementation plans.

#MakeItCircular Hackathon

As part of Circularity Day NYC 2023,  we partnered student groups with NYC-based small businesses, city agencies, and expert advisors to develop actionable circular solutions. 

Circular Education Resources

Coming soon...

#MakeItCircular Hackathon is now open!

Our Mission

Circular Solutions Labs is an education and engagement platform that links students in sustainability with sustainability-focused start-ups, to integrate circularity into their businesses. 

Through our Business Development, #MakeItCircular Hackathon, and Circular Education Resources programs, we support holistic circular solutions for the emerging and sustainable brands.

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Success Stories

"Circular Solutions Lab was the final piece for my circular economy puzzle. After pitching my final presentation, I felt a strong epiphany of understanding the systemic nature of the circular economy. I now know how theory interacts with reality."

Kylie Eunsu Chun
CSL Cohort Fall 2022

"The Circular Solutions Lab gave me the opportunity to use circular business models to solve real-world challenges. It was exciting to work with a startup, implement circularity into their operations, and be part of advancing the circular economy at large."

Alexander Landau
CSL Cohort Fall 2021


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