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#MakeItCircular Hackathon

Join us this year where university-level sustainability students and world-class advisors are partnering to develop and implement circular strategies for local businesses and New York City agencies. These strategies can be focused on mitigating waste, finding operational efficiencies, and boosting growth.  


The #MakeItCircular Hackathon is part of Circularity Day NYC, an event that celebrates the potential of New York City to become a leader in circular urban strategies and a proponent of the circular economy.

#MakeItCircularHackathon 2023 Information & Dates

How do I participate? 

1. Create a team of five to seven participants

2. Find and connect with a local business that is willing to participate. 

3. Fill out this application form. One participant should submit the form on behalf of their team.

Key Dates:

  • January 30th - February 15th: Application Period. (link to application form here)

  • February 10th: Workshop at 2:00pm ET for a one hour overview on the topic of "What is Circularity?" hosted by Sandra Goldmark and Danielle Azoulay.

  • February 15th: Application Period closes at 11:59pm ET.

  • February 17th: Groups will be notified if they've been selected to participate.

  • February 20th - March 3rd: Hackathon working weeks. Groups will meet with their chosen advisor.

  • March 3rd: Pitch video due by 11:59pm ET.

  • March 10th: Pitch videos played at Circularity Day NYC at Barnard College.

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