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#MakeItCircular Hackathon

  • 12Weeks


Apply by February 20 to participate in a #MakeItCircular hackathon with Columbia University experts. This free brainstorming and strategy session will help you expand your business by finding pathways to circularity in what you already do. Circularity is a key strategy to reduce emissions and waste while building local jobs and community resilience. From community compost to school uniform swaps to local repair shops, circularity is all around us, led by everyday New Yorkers working to make their city a better place. Circularity Day NYC 2023 will identify and uplift local circularity champions in New York City, and is an opportunity for all New Yorkers to come together to celebrate the great potential of this city to become a leader in circular urban strategies. The office of the Manhattan Borough President in partnership with Barnard College, the Columbia Climate School, and Circular City Week are launching a number of initiatives to identify and support New York small businesses, community organizations, and schools that are leading the way to a more circular, sustainable, and equitable New York. On March 10, we will celebrate these circularity champions in an event at Barnard College.

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